Thursday, January 12, 2012

Moon Cafe, Cebu

This is another of the better Cebuano restaurants frequented by locals and tourists. Not really a fine dining thing for me – just almost, but definitely not your ubiquitous fastfood chain with crews shouting out your order to their kitchen buddies! One of the few restaurants I take pride in bringing my visitors when they come around Cebu. And conveniently, Moon Cafe has a number of branches in the city's most frequented areas.

The ambiance is always noticeable in all branches. Some kind of a Mexican restaurant (that's how they want to call it) but for me its not, a steakhouse that is not, a Pinoy restaurant that is not quite, a restobar that is not and just about everything else that is not hehe! This place combines the look and feel and taste and sounds of all of the above! Any branch is never too dark yet never also too bright or brightly colored. It is just cozy!

The food is great. I like the Moon Steak, although I always have a hard time finishing the whole thing alone. So I prefer visiting Moon Cafe with at least one companion so there's someone to share the food with! What I and a friend always do is I choose what I want, he chooses what he wants and we share half of each! Oh, as I said many times before, my stomach is not a very good fan of fruit juices, especially mornings even lunch! But since many of whom I dined with at Moon Cafe like the Sun Cooler, I have started liking it too hehe! I always have fun scooping them fruit slices from the bottle to eat them! Well okay, iyo na yung calamansi hahaha!

Menu prices are not that cheap but not that expensive either. Just good enough for the quality of what you eat and the aptness of the place. They have a branch at the Gaisano in Mactan, one at Ayala-Terraces, also at Parkmall, another at the fairly new Robinsons Cybergate, there is in Guadalue. Hey, I have eaten in all of them, come to think of it! But my favorite for lunch is that one at The Walk inside Asia Town IT Park! They do have branches in the rest of Visayas and Mindanao (I think) since I have seen or eaten at some - unless those are similar “illegal copies” hehe! The other thing I like is the presence of bands, at some branches some days, rendering music that don't pierce my brains out.

In all, even if I go gaga over their baby back ribs, I think its not really just the food that I like in this place, but the whole package of a cool relaxed dining - and drinking - with a bit of tapping my feet to the music while I can still converse with people without shouting or hollering. Coolness place!

Oh folks, especially at the Ayala, IT Park and Cybergate branches, dont roll your eyeballs or be aghastedly surprised to see diners having beer even at or before lunchtime! This is the Call Center/BPO generation, so lets give it to them hehe! And if you did not notice, the name of the place actually has 3 letter Os!

Good place.


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