Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dashing Through Dipolog: Going City Center

I was just on an overnight transit in Dipolog going to Dakak. Not even 24 hours, since I arrived at noon and scheduled to leave early morning the following day. But happy I did this transit thing in Dipolog City! I got to see some bits ‘n pieces of the city that, I told myself… “MacArthur”! That means “I shall return”, remember?!

After lunch, and after roaming a bit of Hotel Camila 2, I decided to hit the city center. Passing by the front desk, I was surprised the clerk said “oh sir, just a moment, I will call the driver”. Nye! I said don’t bother since I wanted to go around town the way locals do. So I asked her what would be the usual ride towards the city hall area. After some hesitation, she told me to just hail a trike. So I did, and there I was going towards center of town. Yehey! I saw interesting things that I will probably accord more time to view next time I come to Dipolog. First is that big big rotunda with a ‘fuente’. Beautiful! But perhaps it would be even lovelier if I get to know more of how it came about, what is its significance to the Dipolognons and so on.

Hey something cute… I know I have seen this somewhere else but since I cannot remember where, I hereby declare its only in Dipolog City. Tricycles have day’s off printed in big bold letters front and back of the cab. Yes, DAY-OFF! Day-off of what, the driver or the trike? Well, am not so sure since I forgot to ask. But I suppose it means day-off of the vehicle – meaning a day that it should be off city streets and not in the business of carrying passengers. For what do we the public care if it’s the day-off of a driver, right? I wonder though (don't you?), why would the city mandate a day-off for such vehicles? Hmm, maybe there are already too many of them?! Y’know, just like the color-coding, number-coding, etc in the metropolis! Although I think I did not see any heavy congestion anywhere – it was a Saturday. So there, if in Bohol we see biblical quotes on their trikes, in Dipolog it’s the DAY-OFF! Cute!

No cabs here by the way, and am not sure if I saw jeeps that ply within the city’s central area only. Tricycles are the way to go.., endailavvit!


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