Friday, February 27, 2009

Tiger Arrives In Mindanao

"Ay kalabaw may 'gerapee' sa taas", so shrieked a panicky jolly lady when she tried to reach for her bag from the adjacent overhead bin. And passengers laughed at her boisterously loud surprise.

Remember the white bear in Butuan? Maybe I spoke too soon! I mused then, what else would I encounter next. And here I was, in barely 3 months, encountering another animal on a flight to Mindanao! That when we landed at General Santos City!

But this one, a "tiger" and not a "gerapee"(giraffe) has a lovelier story than the bear. It stole everybody's smiling attention as it silently sat up there.

I learned that the owner was seated somewhere in the last rows. But there was no more available space in the area so the crews took the tiger to a vacant bin just about above row 7 as passengers boarded. I was row 11 (emergency exit) and did not see the animal earlier hehe. Maybe they boarded way ahead. The little big dear occupies a whole bin, so the stewradess told me she closed it after putting the tiger in.

As we disembarked, all who passed by the tiger (those who could reach it anyway) gave it a pat, a rub, a grip or just a grinning poke until its master, oops owner I mean, came to retrieve it. Now that was fun hehe!

Oh well, yes, the things that passengers bring in these our times hehe!

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  1. Love your post.. I thought its Tiger Airways, or an additional animal for a zoo - stuff toy pala.. lol:)

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