Monday, January 7, 2008

No Smoking? WHY?

I dedicate this picture to my fellow smokers (law-abiding and not) he hehe heee hee!

Me nagtatanong… sagutin nyo!

I saw this sign while roaming inside the Quezon Memorial Circle! Actually the “BAKIT?” portion of that signage is an ad for a radio show of Charito Planas. However the radio frequency and time of the program written below her name had the paint already chipping off and it was not quite clear. First I was attempting to tweak this photo so the letters and numbers below her name would come out clearer. Am no tech bloke, so I ended up with this. Obviously, it is easier to erase than to repair. Oh ha?!

Pa-adve-advertise pa kasi. Pati ultimong signages di pinapalampas. Kelangan talaga lagyan ng ad? Porke sya nagpaganda sa QMC. Ayan!

Well, the wicked me in these our times hehehe!


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