Tuesday, August 9, 2011

1 Cebu Expo 2011

Alrightie folksie folks! There I was again, at the Cebu International Convention Center or CICC to see and experience the 1Cebu Expo. As usual, an overwhelming array of displays from the various towns and cities of this province for me to browse by the whole day. My oh my, it just gets plentiful every year - that means the walking gets longer and longer and... ah, who told me I should see all those in just one day anyway. They are usually there for about a week or two!

But anyway, yes anyway... I once again enjoyed walking around the 3 floors of the CICC so I could see what beckoned. Ah, as if not all of them beckoned... ah! Imagine, even Ilocos Norte and South Cotabato were represented! And I noticed every inch more of the lobby is getting utilized. I wonder what I will see next year hehe. Probably the parking areas will also teem with booths. One part of me is joyous at the thought, but another part of me is saying, I better be fit to be able to roam all these booths. Gosh!

Downstairs is always a merry treat since that is where the eatables are concentrated hehe. And eat your heart out Mandaue! I got a fill of at least 3 kinds of bibingka from as many towns! Hahahay kalami!

And OMG, the 4 towns of the Camotes Group of Islands took an entire row of stalls this time. Eh, wasn't that what they did last year? I cant recall. Anyway, their displays highlighting the beaches were such a fantastic show I naturally entertained thoughts of returning to those islands. Ayayayayayyyy! Why not coconut?!

But the live demos got most of my attention this time. See videos below for samples (Barili and Consolacion). Dalawa pa lang yan ha?! My oh my maimai! Mabuang ko tuyok oi! And as usual, I arrived home with a ton of brochures, samples and can you believe I even bought 2 pairs of pillow cases and 2 bedsheets?!


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