Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pasigarbo Sa Sugbo 2010 Street Dancing Competition, Notes 4

Kinsan Festival. My side of the street roared into laughter when this group approached. A little boy in the audience suddenly shrieked “hala, mama ang trak gi-lumoy sa isda o”! I looked again and indeed, it seemd so hehe! The audio-van of this group was decorated to be like a big fish with gaping mouth. Thus, the van really looked like it was swallowed by the fish! Though I think it could have been done better, the concept of making their audio-van like the ‘kinsan’ was splendid. Beautiful young and sexy festival queen, but what with that headgear almost already covering her eyes?! Nice fish costume. And very nice of them to have used those light blue fans. Everyone liked it esp when two of those were joined to form like jellyfish. Beautiful! Ah, the woman in the video…? Si ma’am? Looks like she pre-empted everything hehe, and why be loud letting us the audience (and my cam) hear all about it hehe!

Then followed Cordova’s Dinagat Festival where representative group just won at that local festival a week ago. The audio-van, not only ugly… poor taste. What’s with the picture? Is he the mayor? Whoever he is, that face did not belong in the audio-van’s theme which in the first place already is very much wanting. Samot ra! Their festival queen I sense must have been a beautiful girl. However, a woman standing behind me commented saying “mura’g nasobra na sa make-up”. I agree, whoever made her up should be hanged! The face of the poor lass already looked like that of a clown’s. The dancers? Well, if there was a “genuinely cute” category, they must have been sure winners. These must have been the youngest and littlest of performers. Veeery cute hehe. They danced fine enough too! Even the way the audience cheered for them was different. It was more on the “how cuuuute!” type. Hmm, an SUV entered the scene as the kids danced and it alarmed many of us.

Palawod Festival. Hah, the always much-awaited troop from the town of Bantayan. Yes on Bantayan Island. Wow! The audio-van did not look like one. It was more of a theme float where the top was an almost real little fishing boat! The outriggers and mast were, anyway! Their beautiful festival queen was chosen miss photogenic at the pageant two nights ago. Alluring lass! And what a fantastic costume! Her whole gown and other trimmings directly blend with costumes and props of the whole group. What a bright sea-life they’re depicting. Mind you, this colorful group is not as colorful as last year and there are less props now. But their streetdance movements, though can still be improved, are I think better than how they did it last year – at least when they passed front of my camera hehe. They have so far been unbeaten on the stage showdown, so this streetdance thing is their better challenge. And looking at their almost minimalist totality, I knew there’d be some surprises again when they go up the stage for the ritual showdown. Only the shrimps were highlighted in this parade, and even so, they already look good! Ah their andas is also unique… two saints carried on two separate bancas. Hmm, two patron saints?

Boljoon town’s Bolho Festival followed in. Nice audio-van too, there is almost no trace it is a truck. Hmm, I have a feeling in the next few years these audio-vans will become real big floats that’d be equally awaited spectacles. I didn’t see a festival queen but the kids danced well. Don’t know what their story is but the pastel colors seem to be too detached from an aboriginal ritual hehe.

Then there was Minglanilla. Yeah, the unique Sugat Kabanhawan Festival. Can you imagine how people make festival dances commemorating this Holy Week event? Well, I’ve watched and I like how they are able to stitch things up. Unique really. Hmm, I was busy watching them and clicking pics that when I thought of doing a little video (like with the other groups) camera went lowbat. Argh! After that quick battery change, they were already gone, ah! Anyway, their audio van was big. Real big that aside from Jesus and Mary there were a lot of live angels on board plus some devil (I think, that one in red) hehe! The birds were a hit to the crowd too! A, eagles probably. Even heard this… “hoy ibon, papicture tayo, alam ko gwapo ka kahit nakapintura mukha mo”! That was one tagalog-speaking kikay chic who wanted to take the bird home! Oh the dancers… Good dancing but what lasts in my mind are their contagious smiles. The uniformity did not just dwell in what they were but down into their facial expressions!

Dagitab Festival. Yep, that is from the City of Naga. Fronting the contingent, well, now I must really call it a float. It is! I did not even easily find where the big speakers were in that set-up! True to their being an industrial town, the troop’s “audio-van” did not have pretensions of depicting rural scenes (as indeed it might be dwindling there hehe). They instead highlighted a mix of the industries and nature sights of their city. The dancers? Fair enough dancing but I heard many in the audience were saying these folks, their costumes and props are to watch out for when it gets dark.

Kaumahan Festival of Barili followed. Wow! Their audio-van was patched with hundreds of native hats, bananas and other greens. Graceful festival queen with a colorful costume. The dancers, ah well, look at the first part of the video. Am sure you would say… “hello”! Didn’t I see a similar situation in a previous group? I have my little observations now as to who amongst dancers are usually prone to ‘not dancing at their best’ all the time. Good this group recovered when it reached the part where they had to shout that “oh ha, oh ha” where they were also already fronting the judges! Then again, maybe the choreography too was unclear at that portion of their routine, whatever.

Next came Ginatilan with their Hinatdan Festival. Hmm, the audio-van was a readily noticeable light green hehe. But I liked the attempt to depict Inambakan Falls even if on a rather small ply board. The corn plants looked realistic. Colorful dancers, I liked the props teeming green, very refreshing to the eyes. And hey, I am surprised I also did not make a video of this group dancing. Can’t recall what gave. Maybe I was busy ogling at the butterflies? Hehe!

More groups in the next entry...

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  1. soon our very own pasiyahan festival here in lucena, quezon would be as colorful and big as pasigarbo sa sugbo :) thanks for sharing the videos