Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pasigarbo Sa Sugbo 2010 Street Dancing Competition, Notes 5

Silmugi Festival of Borbon came next. Ah first time I’ve seen them. I think they didn’t join last year. Oh the audio-van was also a float depicting a foresty place. Nice. Nice dancing especially that snake formation thing. Unfortunately the group’s routine was more of a walk when they passed where I was so I didn’t see other movements. Ah yes that dude at the very last of the dancers… he looked like he was ready to hop in an ambulance… I hope he went fine. Now I think I have to correct myself on an earlier comment... This group paraded the tiniest image of patron saint, I think hehe! And I am still thinking if there are green crabs in the Silmugi River. Are there?

The town of Alegria came next with their Kawayan Festival. Haha, their big truck looked like a cross between an army camouflage tank and a giant bacteria hehe. Am not sure I got the message on that one since their festival is about bamboos. Hey, I really thought those chunks of bamboo the kids carried on their “backpacks” were real as I know they are easy to harvest especially in Alegria. However, and since they were not dancing as they passed by, I got a chance to go nearer and discovered that whoa, they were all foam painted green to look like bamboo trunks. Excellent job! So I asked why they had to fold and paint foam just to form bamboo trunks when they could easily chop real bamboo for props, free of charge so they did not have to spend for it. One smart girl a bit rolled her eyeballs and said “ser oi, kabug-at ana, nya musayaw pa”! and we all laughed. Oo nga naman. Why didn’t my lowly brain recognize that soonest hehe! Yes, that would have been quite a load hehe.

Samboan’s Saksak Festival was next and their audio-van made me smile. It was cute, really. They used just the small type of truck, adorned the sides with gold colored puso arranged into flowers and erected a replica of their historic watch tower. Oh, I caught up with this group just past the judges and saw that their beautiful festival queen was receiving some quick retouches to the front part of her costume. Maybe something gave while she danced her all as she passed by the judging station. In a while, she was good to go and gracefully danced her way again! This troop was a jolly bunch of performers. They were still dancing but some were already giggly and others were even a bit naughty at folks taking pics of them, probably feeling relief at just having passed by the judging station. Their smiles were not the 'rehearsed for this dance' type of smile, but more on that they were just enjoying the moment. One even really stopped dancing to pose and make a peace-sign while facing my camera hahaha! Fun!

Then came Sinulog Sa Carmen. Hmm, also my first time to see them, I think. The group seem very novice in terms of showmanship. The audio-van? Ugly hehe. They actually just peppered the sides of the little truck with sarok and in no particular design nor format hehe. The frontliners (those bearing their group number and festival name) were not in any particular costume but their daily street clothes. Even a girl and a boy carrying images of Sto Nino each wore just casual clothes. Well, at least the guy wore a hat similar to those pasted up the ugly audio-van hehehe! But am not complaining nor ridiculing this delegation. It might be a first time for them and I’m sure next time they’ll pit at par with the others. At least the dancers had colorful costumes with movements that need more polishing. And I liked those big and long banana leaves that look real from afar! Whoa! Theirs must have been the biggest and heaviest of all the andas that have passed so far. And beautiful too with very intricate trimmings on the pagoda design. Oh look at the picture closely, there’s somebody hiding atop the pagoda of their patron saint. Yep it’s the dear Nino up there!

Something seemed to have roused the spectators on both sides of the street and all were eager to take a good vantage for the next group. Hmm, I stretched my neck a bit more and saw that Kabkaban Festival of Carcar City was coming. Ah I was not surprised. They usually always get noticed as they are known for great dancing and great choreographers. Remember the last Sinulog? They grabbed quite a number of prizes, accolades, praises what have yas. I thought if this was that same group or same choreographer, then it was going to be a great show again. And the audio-van came. Oh it’s a float. Wonderful. Shows replicas of walls of their olden structures and on top is the famous band stand. There is a girl selling chicharon etc., there are musicians. Then the beautiful festival queen arrived dancing gracefully followed by the ever-smiling dancers. Fantastic! Like the rest in the audience, I caught myself smiling when these folks were dancing, cuz indeed, there smiles make you do the same.

Bonga Festival of Sibonga. Yep that came next. And did I just say fantastic? Well, the audio-van of this group was ultra-fantastic! Wohoo! Its a big and beautiful float of a giant basket full of fruits surrounded by flowers and mushrooms and ants. Even their festival queen looked edible in a gown that resembles a yummy cake with green and butter icing adorned with little green and yellow fruity candies. Yumm! The dancers were good, their movements a bit frenzied. Unfortunately, when I started the video mode, they were already walking, argh! Oh everyone loved those big fruits. Those are backdrops as usual but not your mere painted plywood. The pineapples were 3D and there were ripe and unripe ones. The big papayas were also really big but made of soft materials and also in various stages of ripeness. Wow!

Rosquillos Festival of Liloan followed. Impressive audio-van too! It was like a big box of Titay’s Rosquillos that spilled out to show the yummy contents. Wowow! Just behind it was their tall and sexy festival queen garbed in a gown of rosquillos and other delicacies. She was declared first runner-up of the pasigarbo festival queen 2010 two nights ago. And then the dancers… oh another platoon of bakers! Ah that really made me crave for some afternoon snacks. Rosquillos and coke would be splendid hehe. But wait, another group was coming…

Cassava Festival of Tudela. Hmm so all the towns of the Camotes Island Group are represented! We had San Francisco, Poro and Pilar earlier, and now Tudela. Yeah and they better! So the world would know how great a paradise those three islands are! Anyway, this town’s festival is not to be outdone. The audio-van depicts a hillside with real just uprooted giant cassava. Wow! Lively dancers too! Let me clarify… this is the Cassava Festival and those leaves depicted are that of the cassava plant. Its not cannabis, intiendes?! Okay good, hehe!


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