Monday, April 19, 2010

Jollibee Versus McDonalds Showdown

I was roaming the city of Tacloban earlier today when nearing the pier I heard loud music and cheering. I thought there was another convoy of political candidates campaigning for the elections. It was not!

It was the anniversary of McDonald’s existence in Tacloban. To celebrate, they had activities for their customers, there was loud music outside the store and the mascots were outside dancing. Some kids who are recipients of McDo’s social responsibility efforts were present. So why was there cheering from the sidewalks – especially from some people diagonally across the McDo store?

Not wanting to be outshone even for just the day, the Jollibee store nearby let their mascot out to dance in the streets too. Even went too forward by walking near the McDo mascots, waving at people and vehicles passing the streets, he even waved at the children who were part of McDo’s celebrations. Naughty… naughty indeed.

Like everyone else, I found the situation worth a chuckle but the OD specialist in me thought that was an act of bad taste on the part of Jollibee. You cannot even for just a day let your competition (underdog as it is) merrily celebrate its anniversary? C’mon… its just like throwing a grand party front of your house for no reason at all just because you saw that your neighbor’s kid is celebrating her birthday on their yard. Must you do that?

I considered the incident pretty possible and understandable since Jollibee stores are manned by kids who are not only young, brisk in service and mechanical in their social skills – but definitely very immature. Acts like those have probably not been a consideration of the Jollibee corporate pencil pushers even.

But it was snack time! So I went for my B3 at Jollibee – I love the thing, not so heavy, not so light. I was given a number so I went looking for a seat and the only available was upstairs (2F). When my burger arrived, I casually asked the girl, “miss does Jollibee have a set of ethical standards for service crews like you?”. The still jolly reply was “ay di ko pa po alam yan sir, bago pa lang ako e”!.

Rested my case and devoured my B3 admiring the wonderful views from Jollibee Tacloban’s second floor. In the haze you can see a hint of the San Juanico Bridge… down front is the wharf and… well, McDo!

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  1. lause gud 8 mCdo ky wa admire ht ira mascot
    instead nha2dlok 8 mga tawo,mahugaw p 8 mga costume,wa standard ht ira mascot,bsta mkasol.ot lah!..

    same e2 fast fud chain,prme gud my kompetinsya...8s ol businessyou know.hahahah