Friday, April 23, 2010

Dinner and Nightlife, Guiuan Eastern Samar

Folks pay attention to this… there are not so many eateries in Guiuan that at 730PM, I almost missed dinner! Hotel Khaishra serves only pre-ordered breakfast while most everywhere are barbecues and beer with KTV croaking. Tanghay View is a bit far. There is a bakeshop across Mercury Drug that serves a good variety of lunch/dinner food and the last few scraps was what I caught hehe! Mind you, they were about to close!

As for night entertainment, I commandeered a tricycle (pedicab a.k.a. padyak) to whisk me around and see the Guiuan nightlife. At the gas station beside Khaishra, you can turn left (that’s the way to Calicoan) and a few meters away is a big KTV bar. Across it is another bar purportedly with nightly live bands but at the time of my visit, it was closed. Trike driver attempted to bring me to one popular Disco/KTV with girls but it was rather far… the farther onwards we went for it, the scarier the folks I saw on the side streets. Duuu! Well, Guiuan is a safe and quiet town, I know, but when I see boisterous shirtless dark young men drank or drinking, the natural tendency is to flee! I think that’s a fair observation since most basag-ulo cases in this country are by youngsters.

So, trike driver panting, we were back at the gas station, I crossed to a sari-sari store, bought bottles of red horse and went back up to my hotel. And it seemed the hotel clerk was happy I did so. Stayed at the couch with my beer, some chichirya and the world-wide-web via an alternating Smart Bro and Globe Tattoo (both receive weak signals in Guiauan, btw). All these, while CNN continued barking at the outsized TV in my room which I left open. Yes yes, the entire effect was as if I was… home hehe!

That was a better nightlife!

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  1. we stayed at marcelo's place in guiuan and didn't have a problem with food. They had their own restaurant and we get to drink until 11pm! Without the curse of videoke singing! :)