Friday, September 4, 2009

My Malapascua Nightlife 2

The tour-after, I lazed at the beach in front of exotic, dipping at times, just looking out at the comings and goings of the dive boats, humming in the hammocks, drinking beer and whatever else I could try and test during this grand solo holiday! Hey, I even tried rowing the smallest of exotic’s boats - yes, you just grab them or the kayaks as you please and row to your heart’s content. There are only two rules: don’t go far and dock those things properly so they don’t drift away! Splendid afternoon.

After freshening up, dinnertime was decidedly at La Dolce Vita. How heartbreaking! They had no electricity! The girls told me their genset burst to death just yesterday. Argh! But they said they could still cook for me (there was no other guest). I was about to say I’d rather go elsewhere when it started to drizzle. Ack! So I stayed on with a beer at first and later ordered fried pork chops. Good enough but nothing to holler about!

I thought the bar over at the top of TSD’s dive shop was a nice place to try out, so I went there after La Dolce Vita. At least two tables were occupied, on one of them was my co-passenger on the bus and boat ride yesterday, together with his new-found friends – surely divers too. Oh so this is what they call “The Pub”! I have read about this somewhere on the web! There were folks too at the bar area. I settled on a table and lounge chair at the edge of the verandah, farthest from the bar but just above the beach area road/path. Hmm, breezy place. With very cold beer, it was just grand.

A youngish “gayish” waiter approached me for some light conversation and I liked it to break my solitude! His opening lines (of course, as anywhere, “where are you from”) was said in English. I answered with “Quezon City”. The next reply was “no, I mean which country”! And I sarcastically/jokingly (yep, I can do both in one blow) said “bakit mo ba ipinagpipilitan magsabi ako ng ibang bansa e taga dito ako, ha? ha?!” We laughed and the owner ( a brit?) who was nearby joined in the banter. His opening line was “really?”. And I readily said “oh shut up you two, am not Japanese, not Korean, not Chinese but bisdak”! Had it not for the ultra-cold beer, I would probably have reacted the way I always do… irritatedly uptight hehe! Later even the other guests joined the ruckus! Fun stories, genuine laughter. But alas, they close earlier than usual hehe!

I thought they better, since most guests are mainly divers and not party animals (at least for the duration of their TSD Malapascua visit). And I learned those dives can be at early dawn, if only to catch a glimpse of that graceful big tall-tailed fish! Oh well, I still like “the pub”.

Walked a few steps to Hippocampus. Had a few bottles, chatted again with the eager girls who kept interviewing me. Well, I did learn too that the owner is a woman from Las Pinas City married to a German dude. Both were vacationing in Africa (at the time of my visit) and the thin-haired always smiling man who does not seem to be a beach bum is the wife’s brother being asked to manage the place in her absence. See?! I also got to interview the girls hehe! Aha, I even got snippets of their respective love stories hehe! Aha too, there was a fun lady who was obviously drunk and trying her best to rid of the spirit. The girls told me she was once, like them, a waitress in this bar and over at Sunsplash. But a former guest married her and took her to France. They’re back on the island vacationing at the same time looking for possible investments. Hmm, that Frenchman who got her for a wife was rather handsome and definitely younger than her! But love is blind and transcends everything, right?! Oh well hehehe! She said she could not help drinking with all the folks she visited that night and she was nearly worn out! I observed she was!

After Hippo, I was supposed to go straight home (exotic) but one of the Sunsplash girls saw me walking in the dark path (what was she doing there anyway? Hmmm) and egged me to come visit their place even just for a while. So, I gallantly obliged ah hehehe!

Next? See last paragraph of Nightlife 1! Ahh the life!


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