Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kadayawan 2009: Jack’s Ridge Night Out

Parade over at midafternoon, we roamed over to Aldevinco to satisfy urges of the shopaholics in our group! After that delightfully tiring day, we caught some few minutes of rest and freshened up ready to paint the town red! We asked front desk if there were any new night places in the city (that we might not have checked-out yet). Some places were mentioned but either we decided a place was not for us, or we did not like the location. The easy consensus was, head out to Jack’s Ridge for dinner and decide from there on where we would cap the night with a few drinks!

Hah! If on regular weekends Jack’s Ridge would usually teem with humanity, what did we expect on this night of the Kadayawan? We were 8th on the list! Fortunately for us most of the 7 patrons ahead of us were big groups hehe – one was even a group of 24 diners. That meant, if a table was vacated by just a small group, we had better chances than those “communities” also waiting for tables hehe!

In no time (which was probably 30 minutes) we were ushered unto a table. Not on the edge with a good view of the city by night, but, fine enough for us to have dinner! Nothing much of a fanfare… we quickly selected what we wanted to eat and relayed to the already perspiring waiter (James). They were so busy and the place was actually noisy with diners at all corners – including those tables out in the garden! Hey, the grilled pork ribs and kare-kare are still to die for!

By the way, you may be interested to know that even if all their dining areas are open-air, Jack’s Ridge now strictly enforces the “no smoking” laws of the city. No, they don’t have policemen to enforce that, there are very prominent signs as to where you may or ‘may not’ smoke. There are only two locations I spotted where smoking was allowed… 1) by the concrete stairs leading downhill to the amphitheater and ironically 2) near the children’s playground! While waiting for a table to be available, I had a quick-fix at the first area mentioned above and oh my… there were a lot of smokers there! This place is an open area/pathway that leads to BMW Bar. There is an ash tray on the side of the pathway. BMW Bar I said? Well…

After so many times of having been at Jack’s Ridge, it is only on this visit I noticed there are specific names here. So I told my friends about this over dinner and afterwards, we roamed the place for more of the getting to know Jack’s Ridge. So, the name Jack’s Ridge is not a restaurant! It is a complex of amenities and they actually call this complex as “Jack’s Ridge Resort & Restaurant” owned by a corporation of the same name. Its facilities include Taklobo Restaurant – where we dined! There is the adjoining Kai’s Bar and Grill – which we thought all along was part of a restaurant called Jack’s Ridge! So that’s why it’s setting and furnishings are different! Even the pool has a name! It is called Kool Kat’s Pool over near the play garden! And what we thought was a “coffee area” also has a name! It is called Karlo’s Gourmet Coffee. Now what we thought was Jack’s Ridge KTV is formally “nomenclatured” as BMW KTV and Piano Bar! Ah, that big roofed open space for big events also has a name hehe! It is called Penmar Halls 1 and II. There you are! Thanks to James for showing us around! At least the Amphitheater, Souvenir Shop and Cottages do not have other names but just ‘Amphitheater’, ‘Souvenir Shop’ and ‘Cottages’. Yes, you can stay overnight at those cottages! Hey, may I suggest “Pinoy Traveler’s Amphitheater for a name”?! hehe

Alright. Since we saw that BMW KTV & Piano Bar seemed to be ‘promising’, we decided to check it out while we were still undecided on where to spend the rest of the night. I asked James if there was available space at BMW and if it was possible to transfer our drinks there. Affirmative! So after we paid for the dinner, we trooped to BMW. Unfortunately or fortunately, the only available table for us was at the very front near the stage. The place was also full and most of the patrons there were speaking in either English, Tagalog or Korean!

Oh, at the time of our visit, onstage were a pair of jolly funny gays who can sing well with either the KTV to their right or the live pianist to their left. At first we were apprehensive the faggots would start lambasting us with foul language as is usually the case with comedy bars – which we all unanimously abhor! But after our first round of drinks it did not happen, so we thought we were having fun! Not that we hate comedy bars, we all like those “EXCEPT” the fetid language when those faggots (sometimes even women performers) start grilling patrons. We all agree, there are a lot of words to say in grilling or even insulting a guest without using “putanginas” , “gagos”, “tarantados”, “pukemos” and “titimos”. Thankfully, at BMW, there was none of those!

Well, you cannot avoid some bad words at such bars trying to make everyone laugh. But direct curses as permanent content of a persons language is not at all acceptable, at least for us. Does that mean, the two fags were not using bad language? Well, they did, but just infrequently. Most of the “censored” words that they used were more on the kinky overtures or direct hits at saying they like to have sex with a certain person hehe! They were fun and not alarming. No curses or vindictives as above.

What more, those two “girls” can really sing! We liked their jokes, their antics and the way they lightly interact with the guests when upstage. Warning: at BMW KTV, every table must send a representative upstage to sing! AND, it goes on and on in between the entertaining songs of the two sisterettes! So, be prepared to sing or bring friends who are willing to croak publicly hehehe! Too bad I was not able to get their names. They’re good singers and good entertainers! Yey! Watch the video!

So, need I mention it? We dropped the idea of looking for any more night places or checking out the other scheduled Kadayawan events for the night. We stayed at BMW KTV & Piano Bar until we thought it was time to go (the bar was about to close hehe)!

Oh well, nice Kadayawan Night!


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