Monday, December 1, 2008

Café Le Sorelle Cotabato City

I knew Hotel Castro does not anymore have a restaurant or anything like it. I learned about that yesterday when I called up the hotel and Honey told me about it. But she informed me there are a lot of eateries in the vicinity where she also told me there is even the very long line of barbecue stands just across the hotel. But this was lunch time, and I knew the grills would come alive only in late afternoon or evening. So I walked around. To see places and to look for lunch.

Walking around, I spotted the city’s catholic church but went past it since I was looking for lunch. Oh there’s a McDonalds just across! Unfortunately, it is still under construction hehe. So I walked on, still on this street named Quezon Avenue! Then I saw a building with commercial establishments and a wide parking area. Over at an inner unit was something that looked like a restaurant or eatery so I went near. Café Le Sorelle. I told myself “argh! Just a coffee shop!” but went to check it out just the same, perchance they could be serving things heavy enough for the grumbling stomach. What a find!

They serve food! I mean food to eat at whatever time of day. The stomach got jolly excited and the saliva kept a juicing! They have pasta like lasagna, baked–mac, spaghetti, carbonara, chicken marinara, angel hair, beef stroganoff, mac n cheese and chicken, tuna or potato salad. Whoa! I picked the stroganoff. Their house specialty, fried chicken smothered in their very own barbecue sauce. Hmm, the 1–piece thing was probably enough for me. They even have rice meals, combo meals, sandwiches, fries, cheese sticks, nachos and waffles! Hmm, I was tempted to have a binge. Been a long time since I last did hehe. But I needed to see first if anything lived up to the menu names and descriptions hehe. So I controlled myself and stayed with the stroganoff and 1–piece chicken that already comes with one cup of rice. Plus, coke of course, though they ran out of the regular kind, so I settled for coke zero!

Hey this little coffee shop cum restaurant has a different ’ceremony ’ that I liked! Once seated (there are only 4 or 5 tables), a waitress comes to cover the whole table with fresh and new sheet of manila paper, places a small writing pad and a pen on top together with some magazines. The reading materials, I understood (though I found it interesting she had to be the one to get them instead of me choosing from the rack), BUT I had to ask what everything else was for. Cashier (probably owner too) overheard that, and offered to answer my question saying the manila paper was instead of placemats but also doubles as a doodle sheet while the pen and pad was for me to write my orders. Coolness!

So came my food and I readily devoured everything. But I did have the presence of mind to take at least a photo before I did so. Uhm, the chicken and rice were fine enough, even petite for my voracious standards, though at just 59 pesos, was good value enough. And it tasted like Don Henrico’s buffalo wings! But the stroganoff that tasted as if made by a hotel’s fine restaurant was rather a good–for–two or even three. I finished them all just the same hehe. No I was not hungry, I was starved! It was already around 2PM, thanks to the delayed flight hehe! As I exerted more effort to finish about half of the pasta, waitress came forth with another set of menu saying I may want to have some coffee. Hmm, so I read it and boy oh boy oh boy! This café does have a lot hehe! I controlled myself but not after ordering 1 lemon square, 1 butterscotch and a slice of sansrival, plus another can of coke of course! Yes, I already controlled myself at that hahaha!

Fantastic find, fantastic lunch! Whew!


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