Thursday, May 1, 2008

Getting Lost With Names – Tuburan

This topic started with this article
There are two such towns

One is the town of Tuburan in the rovince of Cebu (Region 7 - Central Visayas). This town is almost unique amongst the Cebu towns in that it has both sea and upland attractions. Molobolo spring is like no other in the province. This is no capital town, its rural and far from Cebu City in fact. But admirable that they have a museum with an admirable collection that will but many city museums to shame (e.g., that of Roxas City or even that of Cebu City itself)!

The other Tuburan is a town located in the island-province of Basilan (ARMM). If it were not for the rebel issues, this town has an admirable surf that could be as good as Siargao or Guiuan. Till then,this lace may have to remain blissfully untrodden. Why, you wanna be first? Go ahead! As for me, am looking elsewhere for the meantime!

Note, somewhere in the province of Lanao Del Sur, along the highway from Marawi towards Cotabato is a town named Tubaran. This is a landlocked area and looks like a place with wonderful natural settings. Alas, visitors are discouraged to hop into this town where its leaders (two big influential clans) are busier fighting, even if there are no elections, than anything else. A friend told me they don’t even have safe drinking water in this place! Almost the same as above, but one letter is a difference enough! So Tubaran is NOT Tuburan!


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