Thursday, May 1, 2008

Getting Lost With Names – Tanauan

This topic started with this article
There are two.

And that is pronounced “tan-a-wan”. If you are a native English speaker, it sounds more like “tun-uh-one”

One is Tanauan City in the province of Batangas (Region 4A – (CaLaBaRZon) and is situated at the northeastern corner of Taal Lake, Therefore this city partly also ‘owns’ Taal Lake and has good view of it. Heard of Apolinario Mabini? Well he was a native of this place, so there’s a museum and replica of his abode. Also try visiting the old municipal hall of Tanauan and discover wonderful things (its now their city museum). There are ancestral houses too, like those of the Laurels and the Almedas. But there are inland resorts too, plust, the wonderful views of the lake and island especially at sunset. Remember though, this is a city and there are industrial parks and industrial estates.

The other Tanauan is a town in the province of Leyte (Region 8 – (Eastern Visayas). This town just south of Tacloban and Palo is gaining popularity as a hub of ‘skimboarders’ and ‘skimboarding activities. They have contests there.

Did you also know that there is a town in Quezon Province named Catanauan? But let’s not include that as a 3rd town in this list since it sports the prefixed “ca”!


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