Thursday, May 1, 2008

Getting Lost With Names – Sta./Santa Rita

This topic started with this article
Finally on the saints, there are two towns too named Sta. Rita.

There is a town named Sta. Rita in the province of Pampanga (Region 3). Many folks from the metropolis who are fond of Subic should be familiar with this town as it is just beyond and almost a suburb of San Fernando City and is an alternative when there is heavy traffic along the highway in Guagua. This town boasts of its very old church. Ah, though their fiesta is in May, thi9s town is also nice to visit during the Christmas season where food really abounds by the church area. They are famous for the delicacy called suman.

Then there is the other Sta. Rita, a town in the province of Samar (Region 8). This is the town that is on the other end (Samar side) of the famous San Juanico Bridge. This Santa Rita has its town center off the national highway so its still actually far from the bridge. Like anywhere in Samar, Sta. Rita is a farming/fishing community.

Watch out for my “coverage” of the towns and cities with the “sounds like” , “seems like” or “means like” name as above is a very good example. If there is a Sta. Rita in Samar, there is another town named Sta. Margarita! Don’t confuse the two as they are almost at opposite ends of the province – Sta. Rita is by the San Juanico Bridge near Tacloban while Sta. Margarita is that town just before you reach Calbayog from Catbalogan. Oh Rita! Hehehe!

We’re done with the saints but not with the rest of the “same names” towns and cities. Let’s proceed, shall we?!


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