Thursday, May 1, 2008

Getting Lost With Names – Sta. / Santa Rosa

This topic started with this article

There are two.

One is the town of Santa Rosa in the province of Nueva Ecija (Region 3). This is that long town stretching east to west just below the city of Cabanatuan. So, generally suburban with more and more commercial industrial things sprouting by the day. Being in the midst of Luzon, people in this town, like nearby areas are fond of ‘inland resorts’ where pools are a must.

The second is the (new) City of Sta. Rosa in Laguna. Yep, that suburban enclave just off the south superhighway. IN the past, its real full name was Santa Rosa De Lima, but like others in the country with saintly names, it has been shortened to just “Sta. Rsa”. Ah this is a city that almost rose overnight! I have been frequently passing by this town of nothing but industrial buildings factories and warehouses. Known before as the “short cut to Tagaytay”. As if in a flash, it is now a busy and lively city with just about everything urban and suburban you might need. From posh subdivisions to industrial parks to an EvoZone (whatever that is) to shopping centers and malls, universities and international schools and of course, the Enchanted Kingdom!

Take the kids for a ‘pass by’ at Santa Rosa on your way to Tagaytay and you might receive smirks and frowns when you finally say “let’s go” hahaha. It is not just the “short cut” anymore. Its an alternative destination all its own!


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