Thursday, May 1, 2008

Getting Lost With Names – Sogod

This topic started with this article
Well, there are just two towns sporting this name.
But their proximity adds to the confusion!

First is the town of Sogod in the province of Cebu (Region 7 – Central Visayas). Alegre? Borussia? Budbud Cabog? Those are terms very easily associated with this town. There are also caves, rivers, waterfalls and other beach resorts aside from Alegre. But one interesting thing in this town is the meeting of ‘black and white’! Yep, this is where the dark-sand beaches end (from south of town) and the white-sand beaches starts (towards north). Oh, at one elementary school, there is what they call “astronomical platforms” which they say was used as ‘international astronomical observatory post’ during a solar eclipse of 1929! Ah, don’t miss the Panagsogod Festival!

Then there is a town also named Sogod in the province of Southern Leyte (Region 8 – Eastern Visayas). As many would know, due to its proximity, most people from Southern Leyte gravitates more towards Cebu (just across the sea) in terms of commerce, trade, education and just about everything in their lives, than towards its regional center of Tacloban which is on the other side (northeastern portion) of the island, which in the past was harder to reach. In fact, the language in Southern Leyte is Cebuano instead of Waray and they call themselves Bisaya (just like Cebuanos) instead of Waray. So when yo are in Cebu, careful with just saying you are going to Sogod. That could mean going to a bus station or a pier!

By the way, both towns interpret the same name with a single meaning – “to start”!


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