Thursday, May 1, 2008

Getting Lost With Names – Santiago

This topic started with this article

Hmm, is Santiago also a saint? We rarely think about it, right? Its because the “san” part is connected to the “tiago” part of the name. But my little research seem to point in the direction of still the saints hehe. So remember that just for your additional information! And San Tiago is actually Saint James! Whoa!

Anyway, there are 3 localities named exactly Santiago!

First is the town of Santiago in Ilocos Sur province (Region 1). This is on the western seaboard of Luzon just above, thus becoming a suburb of Candon City. While this little town maybe most remembered as the home of the province’s electric cooperative for which many of its residents are employed with, there are big tobacco plantations too. And just mention “Sabangan”, everyone will point you to a lovely beach you might even start thinking if Pagudpud is really better! And don’t hesitate to speak English here. Its hard to find a residence that does not have relatives in Hawaii or the US mainland!

Then there is the “City of Santiago” in the province of Isabela (Region 2). Run you fingers on the map of Luzon eastwards and about 45 degrees downwards from the above Santiago and you should find Santiago City! This city in a valley seems hidden by the mountains – to the east are the Sierra Madre mountains, to the south are the Caraballo mountains and to the west are the Cordilleras! This happy valley city is the best take off point towards what they call the Magat Dam Tourism Complex.

Third is the town of Santiago in the province of Agusan Del Norte (Region 13, Caraga) just above Cabadbaran and below Jabonga. This is also a farming town near Lake Mainit. Aside from the lake, there are also hot, cold springs and waterfalls

Now that’s really it for the saints, okay? But there are more same names. So let’s do them in succeeding entries!


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