Thursday, May 1, 2008

Getting Lost With Names – Calatrava

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Hmm, we almost missed these two towns named Calatrava.

First is this town at the northern edge of Tablas island in the province of Romblon (Region 4B – MIMAROPA). This is a mainly fishing and farming community with nary a hind of urbanity. But so many things beckon. One is the intrigue about “Tinagong Dagat”. Its not a lake, its just about 10 meters from the sea, but everything in between are crags and foresty cliffs. Locals claim that the salty water that teem with abundant marine life, rises when the tide is low and ebbs when the tide is up. But how could I prove since I could never be in two separate laces at the same time! Not to mention there is a fantastic and affordable island resort nearby.

The other Calatrava is a big town in the province of Negros Occidental (Region 6 - Western Visayas). It is actually some kind of a suburb as it is sandwiched by two cities – Sagay on the north and San Carlos on the south. The Tanon Strait makes for a number of beach resorts in varying degrees of luxury. There is a cave. There is a place where wild-monkeys interact with people hoping to receive food dole-outs that they have become dependent on. But to die for is a majestic waterfall.

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  1. Calatrava's old name is Andagao. I guess it is more appropriate name for the municipality and unique. No other Andagao town in the entire earth.