Sunday, April 27, 2008

Getting Lost With Names – Sto. / Santo Domingo

This topic started with this article

There are three of these towns. However, two are officially ‘tagged’ with the abbreviated “Sto.” while one takes its name with the full “Santo” Domingo.

Santo Domingo is a resort town in the province of Albay (Region 5) located at the southeastern foot of Mayon Volcano. Thus, the volcanic black sand on its beaches along the Albay Gulf.

There is another town named Sto. Domingo located up north in the province of Ilocos Sur (Region 1) just below the town of Magsingal where both lie along the national highway if you were going north from Vigan. Amusing story about how this town got its name! The other Sto. Domingo is a town in the heart of the province of Nueva Ecija (Region 3). Like most of the province, this Sto. Domingo is a farming community.

There we have them, while all 3 towns named Santo Domingo are in Luzon, 2 are north of the metropolis and 1 is south. Careful not to get lost!

Lets go to Sto. Tomas next!


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