Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Getting Lost With Names – Sta. / Santa Magdalena

This topic started with this article

Oh Magdalena! Actually there is just one town officially named Santa Magdalena. However, another town is named just “Magdalena”. So they still become part of our same name towns.

Santa Magdalena is the name of one town in the province of Sorsogon (Region 5). Almost at the tip of Luzon, this town is the southeasterly, thus partly facing the Pacific Ocean. A beach town therefore!

Now up in the heart of the province of Laguna (Region 4A), just by the foot of Mt. Banahaw is a town called Magdalena. The name was derived from its patron saint Santa Maria Magdalena that makes it the same as above, right? I like calling this lace an “epic town” in that it somewhat has a conscious effort to be so. The centuries old church and the equally “ancient look” of the town hall are a favorite location for filmmakers wanting to have a ’rustic old town away from Manila’ scene.

Let’s go to Santa Maria next?!


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