Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Getting Lost With Names – Sta. / Santa Cruz

This topic started with this article

There are 6 and all are towns. Whew!

Still in the province of Ilocos Sur (you probably have noticed, almost all towns in this province are named after saints) is the town of Santa Cruz. A farming fishing community with a long coastline, this town does have a waterfall frequented by tourists and residents.

Next there is the town of Sta. Cruz in the province of Zambales (Region 3), and like above, also faces the south china sea not to be outdone in terms of beaches. There are even the Hermana Mayor and Hermana Menor Islands each having its own airstrip! This town has a cave, a cold spring and a fish sanctuary while they remain in the Guinness book of records as having the sweetest mango in the world. Hmm.

Then there is the big town of Sta. Cruz in the province of Laguna (Region 4A) by the southeastern edge of the Laguna lake. Being the provincial capital, this town is more of a commercial center where folks get supplies going to the various tourism sots in nearby towns.

Our 4th Sta. Cruz is down on the island of Mindoro (Mindoro Occidental, Region 4B). This is a coastal town in between Mamburao and Sablayan though there are also big rivers snaking through its hinter areas and emptying out unto the sea. Interesting to learn about things called “tulay bato”, “punduhang kastila”, “pinagbitinang kanyon” and “pinagpihitang barko” but this town seem to have been more interesting in the past that at present. Worth a peep though if you were on the way to Sablayan and onwards to Pandan Island.

There is another Sta. Cruz town, in the island-province of Marinduque (still Region 4B). This is not the capital town of the province called “heart of the Philippines” but yes its big with most commercial activities. Being on the northeastern tip of the island and facing Quezon, boats from Lucena and other areas cross mainly to Sta Cruz, though the airstrip is over at Boac, the capital. While yes, the island is famous for their holy week activities/spectacles, you must look for and experience the “kalutang” when in this Sta. Cruz. Nothing like it in the country!

Finally, our 6th Sta. Cruz is a town in the province of Davao Del Sur (Region 11) just below Davao City, just above Digos City and by the banks of the Davao Gulf. Need we tell you that this Sta. Cruz is an urban town? But industrial as it may be, let’s not be quick to dismiss the allure of this town… Davao City’s white-water rafting thing is actually in this town! This is in the first place by the foot of the famous Mt. Apo.

So there we have them, 5 towns named Sta. Cruz in Luzon, plus another of the same name in Mindanao!

Let’s go to Santa Fe. Where is that?


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