Sunday, April 27, 2008

Getting Lost With Names – San Vicente

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Oh St. Vincent! There are 5 towns in this country that are all named San Vicente!

Our first San Vicente is a small town in Ilocos Sur (Region 1). Its town center is inland veering northwestwards from Vigan but part of it is by the shores facing South China Sea. Like Sta Catalina, Bantay and San Ildefonso, San Vicente is more of a suburb of Vigan. Its farming community that is supposedly a good source of Basi. But I haven’t tasted that yet hehe. Their church is purportedly worth a peep, so I hear.

The next San Vicente is probably the most popular to tourists. This one is more commonly mentioned as “Port Barton” which is just actually a Barangay of the town on the northwestern shores of Palawan (Region 4B, MIMAROPA). They have pristine white beaches both at mainland and the various islands and islets in its territories. There is even a waterfall and the wild fauna is reportedly still quite a sight. Yeah yeah, the controversial Boayan Island is also part of this town. So read up on this San Vicente and go there before anything goes wrong hehe.

Our 3rd San Vicente is in Camarines Norte (Region 5) just next and to the southwest of Daet. This san Vicente is a farming town and the province’s pineapple capital.

The 4th San Vicente is a town made up of an island group of the northwestern edge of Northern Samar province (Region 8). Aw, need we say that it has fine beaches? There is even a “pink beach”.

Lastly, there is another San Vicente town in the province of ComVal. Yep, Compostela Valley in Southern Mindanao (Region 11). Also called by its previous name of Laak, this one is a big town. Don’t be confused though, the cave named San Vicente is in the town of Nabunturan in the same province hehe.

So there you have them. Careful and be specific when you’re goin to San Vicente there is one such town in all directions of this country!


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