Sunday, April 27, 2008

Getting Lost With Names – San Remigio

This topic started with this article

There are also two towns in the Philippines that are named San Remigio, one in Western Visayas, the other in Central Visayas.

San Remigio in Antique (Region 6) is at the heart of the province. It is in the mid portion by the border with Iloilo province, landlocked and mountainous. Thus, expect a lot of caves and waterfalls. This is a cool town – even called “little baguo” by most of its residents. I envy a friend who says it is up in the mountains of this town that they went to see the biggest flower in the world. Yep, Rafflesia, that odorous thing that looks like a ‘lazy susan’ called a flower hehe!

The other San Remigio is a town in the northwestern side of Cebu province (Region 7). This town boasts of having the longest shoreline in all of Cebu. That’s just it though, just the longest, not necessarily the cleanest nor the grandest hehe! Hey the San Remigio Beach Club is luxuriously good but there is really no sandy beach! The public beach is fun and I find some things in this San Remigio quite funny.

Like? There is a concrete statue of a farmer and a carabao by the entrance to their municipal hall. The carabao was painted such that its wearing blue jeans! Yes the maong hehe! Oh, they have reversed their church! How? The entrance of yesteryears is now the altar area. It is still beautiful!


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