Sunday, April 27, 2008

Getting Lost With Names – San Rafael

This topic started with this article

Also two towns, one in central Luzon, the other in Western Visayas.

Oh the first town, San Rafael in Bulacan is where the Angel Festival takes place every September. This town is even made more famous by Northwoods (Golf) and 8-waves, places where metro manila folks troop to during breaks or vacations. There are many inland resorts and even orchid farms in this San Rafael.

Then there is another San Rafael in the province of Iloilo. It is north of the province and in the border with the province of Capiz. There is nothing much in the town for the tourist but its gaining some kind of interest from youngsters. The roads around this town have finally started to be concreted – and, remote as it is there are not so many vehicles passing anyway. Thus, skateboarders frequent those roads. If you are looking for your kid who is into that sport, you’ll likely find him there hehe!


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