Sunday, March 23, 2008

Getting Lost With Names – San Mateo

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San Mateo. There are two towns that bear the name of St. Matthew (that’s the anglicized name of San Mateo).

One is in the province of Isabela by the border and corner with Ifugao province. Yep yep, this is the rice central of the province and yes the mongo (mung bean) too! And of course, the salted egg capital of the province that is uniquely not red but a little bit on the peach to sometimes orange coat – which we all know is because they don’t use dye or food color but the “atsuete” plant! Hmm, tastes good with tapa and tomatoes and puto and even longganisa!

The other San Mateo in the province of Rizal (Region 4A is more urban than the former since it’s the town just after Marikina on your way to Montalban (Rodriguez) where you find the great Avilon Zoo. This San Mateo is basically a suburb and cannot be boasting of (or about) anything than being home to thousands of middle-income families who cannot afford erecting their houses closer to the middle of the metropolis. This place is just a jeep ride away from Cubao or Batasan areas both passing via Marikina. There are some things to see though, like the 9 Waves Water Park and a host of other resorts! And yes too, the Mandala Residential inside Timberland Heights is an attempt to make the place affluent!


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