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Getting Lost With Names - San Isidro

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There are 8 towns and let’s be happy we’re counting just the towns and cities cuz if we included the barangays, there are hundreds of them named San Isidro!

1st is the town in the province of Isabela (Region 2). This San Isidro is a farming community though it has Santiago City as a neighbor.

Going a little bit down to the province of Nueva Ecija is our 2nd San Isidro and it is also a farming community that touches the borders with Bulacan and Tarlac. You’d be happy to note that this San Isidro has for a very short while been the capital of the country. Yes, the capital of the Philippines! This town fares well in history. Remember the significance of The Grand Sideco House? Its in this town!

Our 3rd San Isidro is a town in the island-province of Bohol (Region 7). This is actually one of its hinter towns not yet for the tourist, though starting to get discovered since its just an hour ride from Tagbilaran. Three rivers crisscross this town and I think there was a waterfall we went to where the drop area of the falls is actually a cave.

The 4th San Isidro is at the northwestern tip of the province of Leyte (Region 8). While this coastal town is in front of a rich fishing ground, there is nothing special to see for the tourist! They do have beautiful sunsets and hey, if you are a daring soul, we hear that little pumpboats do venture from this town across to the island of Malapascua off the northern tip of Cebu.

Still in Region 8, our 5th San Isidro is another town, this time in the province of Northern Samar. It sits on the northwestern tip of the island just in the border with western samar. Ah this is home of the getting famous Veriato Falls that has a deep natural pool at its foot but is just 50 meters away from the beach. There are two other waterfalls in this town but San Isidro still remains in many a tourist mind not for the pool but for its being a jump off point to the resort islands, islets and fish sanctuaries across it.

Now, moving far south to Davao Oriental province (Region 11) is our 6th town named San Isidro, the home of the Mandayas and Kalagans. This town is on the eastern coast of the Davao Gulf in that peninsula that juts out to the Celebes and Pacific Oceans. Don’t go to this place if you only have a day because it won’t be enough! This place is a good jump-off point for diving and snorkeling at nearby reefs. Their beaches are yet undeveloped, thus a very calm place to be. There are also caves, waterfalls, the “Tinagong Dagat” and the famous Bonsai Forests. There is even a cave whose mouth is a beach! Oh, while this place teems with coconuts and there are a lot of warehouses that smell of dried coconut meat (copra), ironically, their most-awaited event is the Mango Festival! So what about coconuts and mangoes? Well, I know the reason why they have this mango festival but am not telling you hehe! Go there!

Now let us go back up to northern Mindanao where our 7th San Isidro is located – that is a town in Surigao Del Norte, at the northeastern tip of Siargao Island and literally kissing the Pacific Ocean. With this town being in Siargao, the famous surfing strip, need we say anything more?! Go visit and you’ll never ever regret it!

Finally, let’s go back up to the northern part of the country, and our 8th San Isidro is there, in the province of Abra! This is a tiny and very poor town on the province’s border with Ilocos Sur. Nothing much to see or experience in this town as it still needs infrastructure. You want a hint? Well, in June of 2007, the government of this place was just busy about the startup of a water system project. Whoa! So what are their people drinking now? Hehehe

Another trivia: If you fold your Philippine map lengthwise, all but the last town we described above will be on the right side!


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