Sunday, January 27, 2008

Getting Lost With Names - San Ildefonso

This topic started with this article

There are two towns named San Ildefonso.

The first town is in Ilocos Sur (Region 1) and is probably the tiniest! Landlocked, most of their farmers are sugarcane growers and the highest elevation at this town is just 23 meters above sea level. Well, there is only one thing that they’re proud of at this time – and that is what they call the “Garden CafĂ©”. Gosh!

The other San Ildefonso is another landlocked town but definitely bigger than the former. This one is a town in the province of Bulacan by its borders with Pampanga. This is an industry town with factories ranging from feedmills to pyrotechnics! Well, this town fares well in the tourist map by what is known as “bahay na pula” which was a Japanese Garrison where comfort women were housed and abused during the Japanese occupation.


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