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Getting Lost With Names - San Fernando

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There are 5 towns and 2 cities – so that’s a total of 7 local governments named San Fernando in this archipelago!

We can start with the City of San Fernando in the province of La Union (Region 1 – Ilocos) and as we would all know that is the northernmost place named San Fernando. It’s just the capital of the province so there are many literature and information that you can have about the place. The nearby beaches and surfing camps are good enough.

Next is the other City of San Fernando which is also in a northern province (Pampanga, Region 3 – Central Luzon). This one is also a provincial capital and your destination for the famed Giant Lantern Festival and those morbid Holy Week ceremonies where people have themselves nailed to the cross. Of course there is also the Sinukwan Festival.

Still in Luzon, the 3rd San Fernando in our list is a town in the province of Romblon (Region 4B – MIMAROPA) and yes, it is dubbed as the resort town of the province. This town is actually the whole lower half of the island of Sibuyan. White sand beaches, islets, waterfalls, lakes, mountains and rivers are the main attractions here. Quite a place, really!

4th San Fernando in our list is a town in the province of Camarines Sur (Region 5 – Bicol) on the southwestern slopes unto the shores of Ragay Gulf. There is a beach and there are caves. You can buy your fish straight from the fishermen’s boats!

Also in Region 5 is our 5th San Fernando – and this is a town on the island province of Masbate spanning the middle portion of the island of Ticao from east to west. The unique Alta Vista Falls is their main tourist attraction here. Ah yes, like most of the towns in this province, San Fernando is also an active contributor to the big “cowboy business” – and that means livestock/cattle-raising!

Then let’s jump on to the nearby province of Cebu (Region 7 – Central Visayas) where we find our 6th San Fernando. Like many of Cebu’s towns, San Fernando is also a resort area and rapidly developing as it is actually already part of what is called “Metro Cebu”. They have an interesting gothic-style church. But then again, this town’s name comes only second to the popularity of its resident resort… the luxurious Pulchra Beach Resort.

Finally, we jump further south for our 7th locality named San Fernando. And this is a big town in the province of Bukidnon (Region 10 – Northern Mindanao). This San Fernando is landlocked on the eastern side of the province along the border with Davao Del Norte and Agusan Del Sur. But they do have a big river and mountain treks are good there!

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  1. Originally known as Pag-alad. San Fernando or Pag-alad was previously a barrio throughout Spanish time and early part of American occupation of Azagra municipality. However, when the poblacion was transferred from Azagra to San Fernando, they renamed the municipality's name to the later.