Sunday, December 16, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - San Andres

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There are also three towns in this country named San Andres.

1st is San Andres in the province of Quezon (Region 4A CALABARZON). This town sits on the southeastern tip of the big province called Bondoc Peninsula and it’s right on the shores of Ragay Gulf facing Camarines Sur. You’ll be surprised to know that majority of the people in this poor fishing-and-farming town speak Bisaya (Cebuano) than Tagalog! Why? Ah go there hehe!

2nd is another town also named San Andres, and that is in the province of Romblon. This town is the upper western coast of Tablas Island. Beaches have grayish sands but there are a scattering of waterfalls and rocky cliffs plus a cave system.

Our 3rd town named San Andres is in the province of Catanduanes, on its southwestern end facing Camarines Sur. This town that sits in the mouth of a big river is the biggest in terms of land area and next to the capital town of Virac in terms of infrastructure development. Beaches are fine enough plus there is a cave and even a fish sanctuary.

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  1. It was originally named after a beautiful bird like a peacock and known as Parpagoja in the local Onhan tongue. Later it was renamed Salado and then to Despujols. Finally the named was changed to its favorite patron saint. I prefer to call this town Despujols for historical reasons.