Sunday, December 2, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - Salcedo

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Still before the saints, there is this name that of course refers to one of our Spanish Conquistadores. Despite the name’s popularity (e.g., Salcedo Village in Makati, Salcedo Place Condominium) there are only two towns in the country that bear the name.

First is the town of Salcedo in Ilocos Sur. If you are not historically inclined, this is nothing but just another hinter town. But it played a critical role during the war era. If you don’t mind the hiking though, there are at least three waterfalls that will surely catch your interest. This town is far from the capital and is actually at the foot of the Cordilleras.

The other town called Salcedo is far down in the province of Eastern Samar (Region 8, Eastern Visayas). This one is a big town in terms of land area and straddles in between the Pacific Ocean and the Leyte Gulf. So this is not just a sunrise town, it also has its sunset portion! This is a town of rivers and bays and islands and little islets at either the pacific side or the Leyte Gulf side. Mangroves and shallow river systems abound here. Not to mention that this is on your way to that bigger town of Guiuan and onwards to the surfing paradise called Calicoan Island. This is such a poor town in terms of tourist standards and you might have to get in touch with the town’s Mayor for assistance like guides and accommodations. But the “underdevelopment” in this place seems to be its advantage. So go forth for a hike around before urbanity changes its skin!


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