Sunday, November 25, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - Sagay

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Before we jump to and get dizzy with the litany of saints, let us start off with an interesting name called Sagay. There is a city and there is a town.

The city of Sagay (Negros Occidental, Region 6) is actually almost already an oriental since it is at the northeastern tip of the island of Negros and very near to the boundary with Negros Oriental. There are islets and good beaches here. Residents call this place the “Garden City of the North” (of Negros Island that is) or the “Home of the Sinigayan Festival”. I would like to call it a ruined marine paradise slowly nearing rebirth! Why? Go talk to the people, even the lowliest of fishermen know and understand things about biodiversity, our future and our children’s future! If managed well, this place will be another tourist destination in the future. It just has everything from marine wildlife to islands and islets and beaches. Diving and snorkeling around here is great – ngayon pa lang!

Then there is the Sagay town in the island province of Camiguin. Not to tail its namesake city, this little fishing town in the southwestern corner of the volcanic island is a treasure you can’t miss when in Camiguin. They have a little chapel (called church) that has been restored and the original dates back to as early as 1882! My goodness the friars – they were everywhere that early! Hey, don’t ever miss the cornucopia of waterfalls in this place that culminates at the Binangawan Falls. If you are a rainbow fanatic, check this waterfall out. You are most likely to catch one or two for photo-op! Then again, this sleepy little town is in the island of Camiguin, so need you ask for more?! Just note that Sagay town is in the less crowded area of the island away from Mambajao. So this is still a real paradise with less of the touristic hullabaloo!


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