Sunday, November 18, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - Roxas

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There are 7 localities in this country named after the late president Manuel Roxas.

First is the town of Roxas in the province of Isabela (Region 2). This Roxas is on the eastern part of the province in its border with Mountain Province is a farming community.

The next Roxas is that little town on the eastern portion of Mindoro (Region 4B) which has come to the awareness of many a Filipino by its being one of the ports in the “nautical hiway” – esp a jump-off point to Boracay via the ROROs.

The 3rd Roxas is a big town on the northeastern portion of the island-province of Palawan. Though not on the most popular strips of the island, this is also a resort town and a jump-off point to “exotic island” and the tabon bird sanctuary.

4th is a town called “President Roxas” and it is in the province of Capiz (Region 6). This town is in the eastern section of the province and like most of its neighboring towns, thrives in the fish and aquatic resources industry, though its biggest earner is sugarcane and sugar. Thre are waterfalls in this town and they also have a street-dancing event called “Sinaot”.

A few kilometers away from this town is our 5th Roxas, which is Roxas City, the capital of Capiz. While it is just called “Roxas City”, it is still named after the former president who hails from this city. Of course this city is a jump-off point to a lot of caves and islets and beaches. That is aside from the charming old church and a museum near a famous bridge that stood ground even during world war 2! Now to avoid the confusion, Roxas city is the capital of Capiz and is different from President Roxas town also in Capiz. Let's complicate more? If you were driving from Manila to Iloilo, the first Roxas that you pass is that town in Oriental Mindoro (second town above) and the RORO crosses towards Caticlan, then you drive down via Roxas City! Ah!

Our 6th Roxas is another town officially called ”President Manuel A. Roxas” but more commonly referred to as Manuel Roxas in the province of Zamboanga Del Norte (Region 9). This town in the province’s northeastern portion has caves and waterfalls, but are yet to be developed for the visitors. There is a spring resort though. And everything else is farming and fishing!

The 7th locality is also called “President Roxas” but this one is in the province of Cotabato (Region 12). This landlocked town of hills, valleys and plateaus is in the middle of the province and almost 20 kilometers to Kidapawan City. There are springs and rivers that run from Mt. Apo all the way to the marshes in front of the town. For nightly entertainment, there is nothing but videoke bars!

Ok, enough of the presidents! Next we’ll have the saints and other similar names!


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