Sunday, November 11, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - Rosario

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Who or what is Rosario? Whatever that word means, there are 5 towns in the country named Rosario.

First is the town in the province of La Union (Region 1). This Rosario is the province’s southernmost town in its border with Pangasinan – thus, many of its residents actually speak both Pangalatok and Ilokano! While like any coastal town in Pangasinan and La Union, you can find a lot of dried fish here, note that export quality wood furniture and furnishings are the best products to find in Rosario. This town lies in one of the approaches to Baguio.

The next Rosario is a little town in nearby Cavite Province (Region 4A). This Rosario which is just about 30 kilometres or so from the Metropolis and kissing the Manila Bay is host to an export/economic zone. So it is more of industrial town than anything. Okay, there are resorts there but you’d rather go elsewhere, right?!

Then our 3rd Rosario is still inside Region 4A, in the province of Batangas. This one is big and bustling as it sits right beside the city of Lipa. Landlocked but without a mountain, this place is a center for farm produce and livestock auctions. Oh, if you’re fond of the car racing thing, there is an AF3 course there!

The 4th Rosario is way down in the northern tip of Northern Samar province (Region 8) and is a quaint little fishing town. At least this town still has an interesting stretch of mangroves worthy of a leisurely tour to view little crabs and other things that thrive along mangroves.

And the last Rosario is a town in the province of Agusan Del Sur (Region 13) along its border with Surigao Del Sur province. Landlocked but with rivers, this is a big enough town that can sustain its growth with tourism but people are busier with their politics. I was surprised that the first question thrown to me when I went for a visit was: “which political party do you belong to?”!


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