Sunday, October 21, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - Pontevedra

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Pontevedra. Interesingly the only two towns that bear this name are both in Ilonggo country - Region 6. One is in the province of Capiz while the other is in the province of Negros Occidental.

The Pontevedra in Capiz fares well on the maps of seafood lovers. Most of the town is on the edge of a bay but even the plains are dotted with a lot of farms that grow crabs, shrimps, etc. The Balintawakan Festival that this town prides itself with is actually nothing but a “sayawan” near the public market where older womenfolk wear the balintawak. Ah like most places in Capiz, you can easily see a bbq stand in many a corner. But look closer, it may not be you usual baboy, IUD, betamax or adidas. It's usually tahong on a stick!

Like its namesake in Capiz, the Pontevedra in Negros Occidental also got its name from the province of the same name in Spain. This town is just a few clicks from Bacolod and it is common for folks from Pontevedra to be doing their daily commute to the city. Ponetevedra is right across the southern edge of Guimaras. Blissfully though, its sunset is not covered by that island. So they have a spectacle every afternoon when the sun sets towards the deep sea. Ah spectacular! And clearer than everywhere else!

And when the Ilonggos in Metro Manila talk about their hometowns, those from Pontevedra are most prone to confusion. "Taga diin ka? Pontevedra. Gali, ngaa indi ka familiar sa akon haw?" Duh! hehehe

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  1. I've gone to this place way back 2001, not as a travel writer but a despaired man looking for a buyer of my voluminous stocks of crablets in Surigao which my original buyer from Roxas, Capiz had abandoned. To dispose my stocks, I went to Capiz myself. Thanks to a very kind man, Lito Nisnisan, a Fishery Technologist in Pontivedra whom I only met at the Mun. Agri. Office who facilitated for my meeting with the buyer. I returned with my stocks only to be turned down by my contacted SB member-buyer. Oh what a frustrating experience. That's life anyway. I lost my contacts with Lito. If given the chance, I'll reciprocate his kindness.