Sunday, October 14, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - Plaridel

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I never thought there would be more than one, but in fact, there are three towns that use Plaridel for a name!

The most familiar is Plaridel town in Bulacan province (Region 3) which is just very near the metropolis. We all know there are a lot of bag factories, toy factories, even feed mills and embroidery shops. And they have a famous marker about the Fil-American War. The old church is worth a marvel and do watch out for the Festival of Horses!

A tiny little town in the heart of Quezon province facing the Lamon Bay is our 2nd town named Plaridel. It is a fishing village.Though not something to shout about, this Plaridel does have its share of resorts along the scenic beach front. And an afternoon drive along the coast from Atimonan, even all the way to Gumaca is fantastic enough! Ah, here is another secret revealed: it is only in this place where I got to experience a ride I have been wanting to do - that is those make-shift carts that speed through the rail traacks! Wasn't able to do it anywhere in the metropolis as those are only had at squatters areas... risky. But in Plaridel, its a fun and convenient transpo mode amidst the farms. Hah, the ride even crosses rivers!

And down in the northeastern tip of the province of Misamis Occidental (Region 10) facing the Mindanao Sea is the third town named Plaridel. I can easily concede this town is the most exciting of the three Plaridels. Being on the edge, the beaches are fine. Oh yes, there is even that old dam plus the islets just southeast of the main town. Snorkeling is a fine option, but then again, the white sandy beaches beckon! People in this town are so (verbally) aggressive about making the group of 7 tiny islands into a tourist paradise. Call it greed on my part, but I certainly hope they don’t succeed! The islands are so pristine they should be left as they are without touristic developments as I fear the wonderful sight of migratory birds, the mangroves nearby and the seagrass for little nemo’s cousins might soon disappear! Then again, why should I be greedy if there is that thing called responsible tourism? So, go forth and visit this town. You won’t regret it!


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