Sunday, September 9, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - Pandan

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Yes it’s that aromatic plant, and there are two towns in this country that take on that name.

Pandan is the name of a town on the northernmost tip of the island province of Catanduanes (Region 5). This town is hard to reach from Virac via a hundred kilometer journey of unpaved roads. But, if you get a chance to visit this place, go fall in love with it. White sand beaches abound, they have spectacular sunrise and sunset views and there are little islands or islets nearby. Just make sure you don’t go during the typhoon season!

The other Pandan is a town in the province of Antique (Region 6) by its northern tip and border with the province of Aklan. If you noted my descriptions of Libertad town in previous blog entries, well, this Pandan is just next to Libertad. Thus, they share the same vast richness of nature at its best. Don’t miss the river adventures, the springs, caves and of course beaches!

Hey, very important to note that there are only two towns named Pandan as there are many other places from districts to whole islands named Pandan and they’re all equally exciting places to visit - even more popular!

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