Sunday, September 2, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - Pamplona

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Like many other towns, the name takes its origins from the Spanish colonizer. You’d be right to notice that almost every town in this country has its namesake in either Spain or Mexico! On Pamplona, there are 3 towns in the country.

One is in the province of Cagayan (Region 2) at the tip of the main island of Luzon. This farming and fishing village being a confluence of two settlements has two patron saints. Interestingly, this town’s residents also speak in two dialects (Ilocano and Ybanag). I call this place the town with the red church and an orange belfry - for that is what tickles my memory! Theres a big river and swamps and mangroves. Their beach is not white but quite a place too!

The next Pamplona is a town in the province of Camarines Sur (Region 5). This is an agricultural town on the western side of the province and near the Ragay Gulf. Hmm, aside from having passed by this town many times, I never got to have a quick go-see yet.

The 3rd Pamlona town is in Negros Oriental (Region 7) and the most interesting among these three towns. There is the Pamplona Golf and Country Club and there is a waterfall that they call “sulfuric”! Being in the country club and its grounds feels a bit awkward. Thre you are in a quiet little town and there you are suddenly inside a bastion of luxury where people come in their SUVs!

Those are the three towns and if you were expecting to find a town named Pamplona in the metropolis, no its not a town, it s just a busy commercial district in the city of Las Pinas.


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