Sunday, July 1, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - Mabini

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There are four towns and those are in regions 1, 4, 7 and 11!

In the western part of Pangasinan, Mabini is a landlocked town. It takes the backseat from virtually all of its neighbors which are coastal towns from the South China Sea to the Lingayen Gulf. At least there is a cave system!

In the southwestern part of Batangas, Mabini is interestingly at the tip of a peninsula that divides two interesting bays – the Batangas and Balayan Bays. This town’s name is easily remembered by the word “Anilao” – the most famous and readily accessible dive site in the country. This resort town has a very long list of dive/picnic/private resorts!

Down south in Bohol, Mabini is a sleepy town east of the island and has its share of caves, beaches and islets. This is part of the island that is yet off the beaten tourist tracks though I suspect not for long. Just take my case, I hopped into this Mabini coming from Leyte!

Further south in Compostela Valley is our last town named Mabini. This boom town kissing the Davao Gulf is primarily agricultural but the gold mining craze has sank in. Well, this Mabini can boast about its Kopiat and Lunod islands. The former is of fine white sand and watersports while the latter is all about mangroves. But you need not cross to an islet to enjoy as there are beach resorts right by the water’s edge at mainland.

All these four Mabini towns take their name from Apolinario Mabini circa the KKK!


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