Sunday, June 10, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - Liloan

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Pronounced “le-loo-an”, there are two towns with this name and both are Cebuano speaking towns.

First is Liloan town in the island province of Cebu (Region 7 – Central Visayas). Well, this town is in between the cities of Cebu and Danao, so Liloan is practically still in the metro Cebu area. There are other attractions in this town like the church and the lighthouse, but I am fonder of the fact that Titay’s, the producer of those delectable rosquillos etc, is based in this town! Hmm, it won't hurt if I get to live in Amara too!

The other Liloan is just across the island in the province of Southern Leyte (Region 8 – Eastern Visayas) which is the cebuano-speaking area of the island. This fishing village is awash with fine white sandy beaches and a good jump-off point to diving and snorkeling sites. Never miss the Panaon Island for big time diving that’ll widen your eyes to as big as your goggles hehe! They say this is already part of the Philippine Deep and I believe them! Yes, this Liloan is also that town where you ride a roro crossing to Surigao in Mindanao. Oh, both towns derive their names from a single word meaning – lilo – which is the visayan term for whirlpool.

Now now, let us clarify some things Liloan as there are other Liloans that you will hear especially around the Visayas and Mindanao. Example: The Liloan that you see as destination on Ceres buses from Cebu is neither of the two towns above. It is just a barangay of Santander where the roro crosses to Dumaguete. So don't hop on those if you are going to the town of Liloan, Cebu. Ride instead those buses going north like Maya, Bogo etc. then again, Liloan, Cebu is just past Mandaue and you can take a multicab or taxi going there.


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