Sunday, June 3, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - Libertad

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Oh freedom! There are two towns in the country that bear the name “Libertad” and there are another two named “La Libertad”. So that makes it four towns sporting the name of liberty, right?!

First there is the town of Libertad in the province of Antique [pronounced an-tee-ke] and that is in Region 6 – Western Visayas. This little town is in the northern-most tip of the province where it kisses the town of Buruanga in Aklan – and both towns make the northwestern tip of the island of Panay. This town together with Buruanga was one of my best kept paradises just recently divulged. Libertad is the nearby getaway from bustling Boracay. Diving and snorkeling in its waters is one of the greatest experiences one can have in the Philippines. Being not yet too trodden by tourist feet, the forests in this area can show off a lot of birds. There are also caves and waterfalls aside from beaches and mangroves.

Now the second Libertad is a town in the province of Misamis Oriental (Region 10 – Northern Mindanao). While this little town has nothing much yet, it sits right above the town of Initao where a national park with tourist facilities is in place. So this Libertad has access to both inland tourismic attractions and the bounty offered by the Iligan bay. For me this is a "watch-out it'll soon be a boom town" place.

Where is “La Libertad”?
The first one is a town in the province of Negros Oriental (Region 7 – Central Visayas). If you recall the hyped up news of some dancing lights under the sea, it happened just off the waters of this town. Until today, the stronger claim is those blinking lights came/come from schools of fish flashing their fiery skins in unison. I wonder! But the folk stories about enchanted beings in the seas seem more enchanting to me hehehe!

Now where is the other La Libertad? It is a town in Zamboanga Del Norte province (Region 9 – Western Mindanao). This little landlocked town with a lot of rivers is in the northeastern fringe of the province but actually takes a suburban life from the cities of Oroquieta, Dapitan and Dipolog which are all nearby.

Okay, enough of Liberty!


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