Sunday, May 13, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - La Paz

This topic started with this article

Proof that this country is home to peace-loving people? Whatever your view is, there are four towns in the country named La Paz – meaning “peace”.

The first La Paz is ironically a town up in the province of Abra (Region 15 – CAR). Politically, this town (and the whole province) is not at all very peaceful compared to most others in the country especially during elections! Oh I even know someone who does not want to go there because the opposing factions in those political quarrels are all his relatives.

The second La Paz is in the province of Tarlac (Region 3 – Central Luzon). This agricultural town is along the banks of the Chico River and borders Tarlac with Neuva Ecija. Being an agricultural town, bird-watching is fine here especially on the swampy areas – but alas, not even its own locales know or appreciate this kind of recreation yet!

The third La Paz is in the province of Leyte (Region 8 – Eastern Visayas). It is an agricultural and landlocked town right in the heart of the province. Yes, peaceful as its all farming there.

And the fourth La Paz is a town in the province of Agusan Del Sur (Region 13 – CARAGA). Also a farming town and its fringes are some tribal villages. Oh, if you get the chance, talk your way into asking some folks to accompany you to Motong. Its a fantastically hinter paradise. No one would usually be enthusiastic going with you hehe! But with or without company, should you go forth, nothing wrong with heeding what the tribal folks would advise you - like praying and offering a chicken to the spirits before proceeding! Hint: the waterfall is an outlet of a lake!

Okay, all four towns are named after “nuestra Senora De La Paz”. Now, now, do I sense you wanted to hear something about that place where the famous La Paz Batchoy originated? Well, it’s not a town. It’s just a district in Iloilo City!


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