Sunday, May 6, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - Kapatagan

This topic started with this article

There are two towns named Kapatagan and both are in Mindanao and both names mean “the plains” since “patag” means “plain” as in rolling plains.

First is the Kapatagan town of on the southern portion of Lanao Del Norte (Region 10 – Northern Mndanao). You’d think this place is all agricultural plains owing to its name, right? But on its sides are mountain areas which make way for the Cathedral and Sta. Cruz waterfalls. The tip of this town touches Panguil Bay and at least five rivers maze through town.

The other Kapatagan is not very far away. It’s actually in the southern part of Lanao Del Sur (Region 14 – ARMM) kissing the Ilana Bay in its border with Maguindanao. Well yes, you’d remember this town as more of an “evacuation area” than anything else. This is where many hinterland families came to resettle to avoid the hinterland crossfires between the military and the MILF.


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