Sunday, April 1, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - Hagonoy

This topic started with this article

There are two!

One is a town in the nearby province of Bulacan (Region 3 – Central Luzon) and is a bustling fishing and farming town owing to its proximity to Metro Manila and being strategically located on the shores of Manila Bay. It is also one of Bulacan’s border towns with the province of Pampanga. Well, it is part of the historic province, so it has its own share. Start with the church of St. Anne, then there are old era houses dotting the town some are labeled with the names of heroes who previously owned them. There is even a beach - but that's the waters of Manila Bay hehe!

The other Hagonoy is far south in the province of Davao Del Sur (Region 11 – Southern Mindanao) and is also a coastal fishing town but facing the Davao Gulf instead of the murky Manila Bay! You can go bananas in this place as like its neighboring towns, banana plantations are vast. Oh there's a new inland resort called seagull! Am not sure if it was from Hagonoy but I remember having tasted a delectable tinapa while there!


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