Sunday, February 25, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - Cortes

This topic started with this article

There are two towns in the country that use this name.

First is a town in Bohol province (Ragion 7 – Central Visayas) just next to, and northwest of the capital city of Tagbilaran. Yes, this is that town with an ancient church perched on a hill. And yes this is that swampy area where one can have a joyride rowing bancas up a river amongst nipa fronds.

The other Cortes is a town in the pacific rim of the province of Surigao Del Sur (Region 13 – CARAGA). This is that town just north of Tandag. Oh this is also the same town that discovered late they have ruined almost all of its mangrove forests and more than half of its corals and sea grass. But hope is prevalent! They now have the Tigao Marine Sanctuary and let’s hope it’ll serve the purpose hehe! Catch the saltwater lake, beach resorts, a waterfall and a bird/marine sanctuary! I like this town!


  1. Please read my 3rd post of my site and try to figure out if you will not come and visit the majestic Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig City.

  2. My grandparents live in Tandag. Now that my grandpa's dead, I just wish I could go back soon and see my grandma again. That place is infested with childhood memories that I wanna keep for the rest of my life.