Sunday, January 28, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - Catarman

This topic started with this article

What about Catarman? Well, there are also two towns in this country.

One is at the northern tip of, and the capital town of Northern Samar province (Region 8 – Eastern Visayas) which has a lot of and/or a jump off point to beach resorts and other wonders in the province like Biri and Capul. This place reminds me of Dumaguete in that its airport (Sibulan) that leads out to sea sits in a university town. Thats the University of Eastern Philippines.

The other Catarman is way south in the island province of Camiguin (Region 10 – Northern Mindanao). Oh yes, this is that town where you find the sunken cemetery and at least two volcanoes! The famous cold springs frequented by tourists for those little fish that peck and massage your foot is up in the forests of this town too!


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