Sunday, January 7, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - Caraga

This topic started with this article

One is not actually a town but a region - composed of 5 provinces, 3 cities and 72 towns.

Caraga (mostly written as CARAGA) is the name of the 13th Region which is the northeastern Mindanao area, right?! But don't get confused. CARAGA is not a portmanteau as are MIMAROPA or CALABARZON. The word Caraga traces its roots from Kalagans.

But is that it? NO!

Because farther straight down in Davao Oriental, there is this town that actually bears the name Caraga! Oh this town greets the sunrise usually ahead than most of us, as it is in the easternmost tip of the country! Ah the area around this town is off the beaten tourist path but teems with views from mountains to seas!


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