Sunday, December 17, 2006

Getting Lost With Names - Cabatuan

This topic started with this article

Bato means stone or rock. Cabatuan means a place with a lot of them stones. Cabatuan, thus, is a name of many places as obviously there are a lot of 'stony' or 'rocky' places in this country. Fortunately for our sake, there are only 2 towns named so.

There is one in the province of Isabela and its namesake in the province of Iloilo.

The one in Isabela is an agricultural town still high up in the cordilleras but its right beside the City of Cauayan which makes it a bit more populated than other farming communities.

Well, its namesake in the province of Iloilo is more well-known to be the town where the new airport is being constructed! Of course it hosts the Hinirugyaw Festival which is a derivative (even a copy) of the Dinagyang and/or Sinulog!

Now… now, wouldn’t any Pinoy think that these two towns actually derived their names the way the 3 towns of Bato got theirs?! Rightfully so! And there is even a town in Masbate called Batuan in the island of Ticao.

Oh stone, you rock!!!


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