Sunday, December 3, 2006

Getting Lost With Names - Buenavista

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What about Buenavista?! Well, there are FIVE towns in this country that bears that name, so be careful lest you get lost! The name means “goodview” (Buena=good, vista=view). So probably the Spaniards and whoever else named these places saw some grand scenery from these places.

First is Buenavista in the province of Quezon (Region 4A – CALABARZON). This town is in the southern part of the province called the Bondoc Peninsula that kisses the Ragay Gulf. This one has a wide land area but nothing much for the erstwhile tourist!

The 2nd Buenavista is in the island-province of Marinduque (Region 4B – MIMAROPA). This town is the southwestern end of the island and has hot springs, sulfuric spring resorts and waterfalls.

The 3rd Buenavista is the northern tip of the island-province of Guimaras (Region 6 – Western Visayas). This is the entry point to the island from Iloilo City esp when the waters are rough. The wharf on this town was built by Gen Douglas McArthur thus it was named after him. There is also the former US Military target range in this town called Punta Blanco. The town boasts of a bustling beach resort business and there is also the interesting Suli Cave (by the sea) where you can enter through various “holes” or entrances that lead to a lake within. Well, this place is where you find the Roca Encatada (summer house of the Lopez Family) and of course the Lopezville, their vacation house since 1946 with a grand view of the city of Iloilo. And did you know there is an orphanage there since 1946? Check out the Good Shepherd.

The 4th Buenavista is a town in the northwest portion of the island-province of Bohol and is well in the map because of oyster (talaba) culture. Needless to say, in this town, oysters are fresh and cheap - always!

And the 5th Buenavista is in the province of Agusan Del Norte (Region 13 – CARAGA). This Buenavista is right next door to Butuan City and history traces this place to a past of having been a place with a lot of tortoises! No you won’t find any these days. This place is almost already urban. Rather this place could interest anyone with beaches, coconut and mango plantations.

So there we are… another set of same-name places in the Philippines. Notice though we are still at letter “B”. That means there are a lot, and indeed there are! Watch out for more!

It gets more exciting! And am getting busier rummaging through my pictures, my travelogues my notes, and my diaries! Hint for the next part: there are 6 towns in this country named Burgos, and 4 of them are in Region 1 (Ilocos)! Why so? Let’s wait for the next installment…!

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