Sunday, October 22, 2006

Getting Lost With Names - Bacolod

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Bacolod? Well, who would not know that it’s the city of smiles in Negros Occidental with an interesting and quite lovely Masskara Festival every October! Yes, indeed.

But don’t raise your eyebrows if I told you that Bacolod is in the province of Lanao Del Norte in Mindanao and it kisses the tip of Iligan Bay! For indeed it is. The other town that is hehe! This lesser known Bacolod is a quiet little town but it has some nice little beach resorts and waterfalls that your Bacolod City does not have as its all urbanity. There is also quite a bit of history in this little town that can be reached from the cities of Iligan, Ozamiz or Cagayan De Oro.

Now, now… is Bacolod town really in Lanao Del Norte or Lanao Del Sur? Ahh yes, there is also a Bacolod in Lanao Del Sur but its real name is Bacolod-Kalawi and that is the little poor town that kisses the Lanao Lake across from Marawi City. At times this little town is even called Bacolod Grande but I guess they opted to call it Bacolod-Kalawi to downplay the word “grande” since it is actually the tiniest compared to the other Bacolods!

Oh Bacolod! And I don't have to tell you that the very same word is also a common surname in this country! So, where you goin this time? To Bacolod or the Bacolods?!


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